Hydraulic system for Tikkalansaari railway bridge

Major contract for FH Group: Hydraulic system for Tikkalansaari railway bridge

FluidHouse Ltd, the parent company of FH Group, has signed an agreement with Seppo Rantala Engineering for the supply of lifting hydraulics and automation for Tikkalansaari railway bridge. The bridge is part of the Finnish Transport Agency's National Road 5 project, situated in the Kuopio region between Päiväranta and Vuorela. The agreement is of considerable monetary value.

Handled by the Transport Agency's department for large investments, the project comprises the upgrade of a 5 km stretch of State Road 5 to motorway, a new parallel road of approximately 7 km in length, some 1.5 km of new railway tracks, three multilevel junctions and the construction or renovation of 26 bridges. Among these, the most significant is the S7 Tikkalansaari railway bridge, a leaf bridge with hydraulic lifting gear. Work on the project has been underway since October 2009 and will be completed by summer 2014. Construction work on the bridge will start in spring 2010.

The hydraulic systems for the lifting gear will be supplied by FluidHouse Ltd, and the automation systems by FluidHouse subsidiary Prodatec. The contract comprises the turnkey delivery and commissioning of lifting hydraulics, automation and camera surveillance systems, scheduled to take place in 2010 and 2011.

FluidHouse Ltd is the parent company of the internationally operating FH Group. FluidHouse is the leading supplier of hydraulic and oil lubrication systems in Finland and a global leader in its key market segments. The company's strengths are based on more than 40 years' experience in developing fluid power automation systems and innovative product development. Prodatec Ltd. is a subsidiary of FluidHouse specialising in control systems, software technology and simulation solutions.

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