FluidCirc now supports Siemens PLCs

FluidCirc Siemens 

While most of our FluidCirc central oil lubrication systems work without the need of their own PLC controller, some customers have occasionally requested that we ship our FluidCirc oil lubrication units with some sort of automation control. Whether it be to integrate it to an existing DCS system or to enable remote monitoring and easier maintenance, adding automation to FluidCirc makes it an even more powerful system. 

On this occasion we are pleased to announce that we now support both Siemens controllers and Siemens Simatic HMIs. This development really enhances our FluidCirc circulating oil lubrication systems and we are sure we can help you improve your own systems. Adding automation to oil lubrication systems really can enable easier monitoring, maintenance and integration, setting our systems apart from traditional lubrication systems that rely on complete mechanical and calibration control. This is just one small step in our eternal endeavour to satisfy our customers.