An exciting project comes to an end

eScop Project

It was March 2013 when the eScop project kicked-off. Partners from Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Finland got together to work in the development of Open-Knowledge driven systems supported with Service-Oriented Architectures in the Manufacturing Industry. At that point in time, it was difficult to know what the project would entail. Sure, we had a description of work, a timeline and everyone was responsible for their own tasks, but each had their own area of expertise and reaching the level of rapport necessary to consolidate all these different knowledge areas was no simple feat. Fortunately, we all took to each other with surprising ease and managed to accomplish something worth bragging about. After these 3 years, many meetings and loads of work, the project concludes today, the 29th of February 2016. 

The video above proudly highlights the end results of the eScop project. For more details on the project, what exactly it entailed and what was accomplished, please refer to the eScop Website:

Fluidhouse Oy would like to thank all the participating partners for the experiences and work done together during the 3 years of the projects' duration.